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        # Psych::Stream < Psych::Visitors::YAMLTree

# Includes:
Psych::Streaming (from ruby core)

# Extended by:
Psych::Streaming::ClassMethods (from ruby core)

(from ruby core)
Psych::Stream is a streaming YAML emitter.  It will not buffer your
YAML, but send it straight to an IO.

Here is an example use:

    stream =$stdout)
    stream.push({:foo => 'bar'})

YAML will be immediately emitted to $stdout with no buffering.

Psych::Stream#start will take a block and ensure that
Psych::Stream#finish is called, so you can do this form:

    stream =$stdout)
    stream.start do |em|
      em.push(:foo => 'bar')


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